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1902, 2023

900FP White Goose Down What You Need to Know

Are you purchasing for padded down for your comforter, sleeping bag or jacket? High Filling Power  White goose down like 900FP is an excellent option. But what exactly does 900FP mean, and why is it a desirable choice for cold weather apparel Read on for answers to these questions and more. Fill poweris one of the important criteria to measure the down quality. It is measured in cubic inches per ounce and generally ranges from 500 to 900. The higher [...]

107, 2021

What are Differences Between White Duck Down and Grey Duck Down?

When you are buying down products, is there a feeling that white duck down is better than grey duck down? This is not the case. Grey duck down and white duck down are actually the same, the only difference between them is the color. In general, the quality of down does not lie in the color, but depends on the density of the inner structure of the down and the fineness of the down fibers. From this point of view, [...]

107, 2021

How to select a down jacket?

Usually, we select clothing is nothing more than two indicators, one is the style, the second is the quality. But when returning to the original function of clothing-covering up and keeping warm, our selection criteria will be reversed. For example, in the winter months, most people will put warmth in the first place when buying down jackets, followed by styles. Even though there is the fact that the down jacket style on the market is really bad, but cold [...]

1005, 2021

What is Down Feather?

In daily life, we can see down feather products everywhere, such as down jacket, down comforter, down pillow, down sleeping bag and so on. There are also many products that look like down feather products, but the filling material inside is not down feather, but other silk cotton, cotton and other chemical fiber materials. So what is down feather? In daily life, we can see down feather products everywhere, such as down jacket, down comforter, [...]

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