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Down Feather is widely used in our daily life. As a leading China down & feather manufacturer and supplier, AFC specialized in duck down , goose down , duck feather, goose feather  in different specifications from 5%-95%.  Good growing environment of ducks and geese is one of the key factors to product high down feather. AFC ducks and geese have long growing period which makes the down is bigger and higher filling power than others.  Strict quality management and production process is another important point, AFC follows the international standards and has a perfect quality control systems. The productions follow these standards strictly.  Besides, advanced production and test equipment provide the foundation of quality products. Using  the centrifugal blower’s wind power principle to sort and extract feathers and down. AFC use the most advanced washing machine to wash down materials; using a centrifuge to dehydrate; after that, put the dehydrated down into a dryer for dryin; then do down cooling and dust removal; sort and purify down & feather; finally mix them.

When the production is finished, it is will need pass strict tests such as content test, fill power test, moisture content test etc. before it becomes quality down. These quality down and feather are widely used in different applications like down comforter, down pillow, down sleeping bag, down jacket, down mitten, feather cushion, feather bed, feather sofa etc.

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95% white duck down
90% white duck down
80% white duck down
70% white duck down
60% white duck down
50% white duck down
95% white goose down
90% white goose down
80% white goose down
70% white goose down
60% white goose down
50% white goose down
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