Grey Duck Feather

grey duck feather

AFC Grey Duck Feather mainly come from Muscovy ducks and Ma ducks. The breeding of Muscovy ducks in China has a long history, and the breeding time is generally 12-14 weeks. Muscovy ducks are large in size, delicious in meat quality and good in producing liver. They are the main source of duck meat in Guangxi. Chinese hemp ducks are popular with the masses for their benefits of clearing heat, cooling blood, low fat, etc., so the amount of breeding is relatively large. Mainly in Sichuan, most of them are scattered and raised by farmers for a long time.

Grey Duck Feather could be applied to various of duck feather products with dark fabrics, such as duck feather sofa, duck feather bed, duck feather cushion, duck feather pillow and other kinds of duck feather products.

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