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Down Jacket

AFC provides white down and grey down with a down content of more than 70% for filling down jackets. Whether
it is down jackets with dark fabrics or light-colored fabrics, as well as various styles of down jackets, AFC can
provide mix down and feathers for your needs. Now let AFC to help you to get solutions for Down Jacket.

Solutions For Down Jackets

95% white duck down
90% white duck down
80% white duck down
70% white duck down
95% grey duck down
90% grey duck down
80% grey duck down
70% grey duck down
95% white goose down
90% white goose down
80% white goose down
70% white goose down
95% grey goose down
90% grey goose down
80% grey goose down
70% grey goose down

Reliable filling material for down jacket

  • Filling down jacket solution

  • High-end outdoor down jacket solution

  • More than 70% down content of down feather support

  • In-depth knowledge of down feathers and advanced production technology

  • Strict control of the production process and the quality of down feather

  • Strict control of the production process of down and feathers

  • Familiar with various national down and feather industry standards, products meet the safety requirements of down and feather

  • Shunhe Town, Yu’an District, Luan City, Anhui Province, China
  • +86-159-8879-1649


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