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Down Outdoor Sports Mittens

Down mittens can protect our hands from frostbite during outdoor sports. The down mittens are filled with fluffy
and light duck down or goose down, which is not only windproof and warm, but also soft and light, which will not
increase the burden of exercise. High quality down mittens are based on good duck down and goose down. Now
let AFC help you with your down mittens filling solutions.

Filling material for down mittens

95% white duck down
90% white duck down
80% white duck down
70% white duck down
95% grey duck down
90% grey duck down
80% grey duck down
70% grey duck down
95% white goose down
90% white goose down
80% white goose down
70% white goose down
95% grey goose down
90% grey goose down
80% grey goose down
70% grey goose down

Filling material for down mittens

  • Solution for filling down mittens

  • Wind and cold protection resist cold air

  • Selected high-quality ducks or geese, long-term natural free-range breeding, mature down feather

  • Select duck or goose abdomen down feather. It’s dense and the heat preservation effect is better.

  • Multiple specifications of down and feather available

  • Implement quality control in every link of down production

  • Commitment to no adulteration and standardized down feather products

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  • +86-159-8879-1649


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