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Down Sleeping Bag

Goose down is the most suitable material to fill down sleeping bag,  it can be used in outdoor camping
hiking and can withstand low temperatures: -10℃~-20℃. It is lightweight and very warm.  The shell is
waterproof.  The down sleeping bag can save space, it is convenient to carry.  AFC down sleeping bag can
be in different sizes and colors as per the customers’ requests.

Solutions For Down Sleeping Bag

95% white duck down
90% white duck down
95% grey duck down
90% grey duck down
95% white goose down
90% white goose down
95% grey goose down
90% grey goose down

Comfortable filling material for down sleeping bag

  • Filling down sleeping bag solution

  • High-end outdoor down sleeping bag solution

  • Multiple specifications of down and feather support

  • Down with 5%-95% down content and various specifications of feathers, which can be customized according to your requirements
  • Independent down and feather testing laboratory

  • Strict control of the production process of down and feathers

  • Professional team and high quality quick response

  • Shunhe Town, Yu’an District, Luan City, Anhui Province, China
  • +86-159-8879-1649


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