40% White Duck Down

40% white duck down

Down can be classified by species as white goose down, grey goose down, white duck down, and grey duck down. For the same amount of down, goose down is more expensive than duck down, and white down is more expensive than grey down. Under the same conditions, the overall quality of white goose down is better than that of white duck down, while there is no difference in performance indicators (warmth, fluffiness, etc.) between white duck down and grey duck down. The same applies to white goose down and grey goose down.

40% white duck down has competitive price and good choice for feather cushion inserts, feather sofa, feather bed, down pillow etc.

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Features & Specifications:

40% white duck down includes 40% white duck down and 60% feathers. Suitable for feather cushion pad, Feather bed, feather sofa, down pillow etc.

1. Name: 40% White Duck Down
2. Advantages: High Filling Power, Light Weight, High Cleanliness, More Warm and soft
3. Content: 5%-95% Down
4. Filling power:450-750/16-26cm ( according to customers’ requirements)
5. Different Standards: IDFL,EN12935,USA, Japan etc.
6. Usage: Bedding, Garment, Filing

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