50% White Duck Down

50% white duck down

Duck down is warm, comfortable, breathable, cost effective, clean and fluffy.  50% white duck down is not so warm like 95% white duck down, but it is suitable to fill feather cushion, feather bed, feather sofa etc.

Unlike other high percentage duck down, 50%  white duck down usually cannot be used in down jacket, down comforter,  down mitten etc.  But it can be mixed with feather to use in other applications.

In terms of use: light-colored fabric-based clothing filler with white duck down, dark-colored fabric-based down jacket will choose grey duck down, there is no white duck down than grey duck down warmth of the statement. Just because some of the down products fabric color is lighter, and the liner with fewer layers of material, in order to avoid the color of the filler, generally will use white duck down. Especially the white fabric down jacket, generally more will use white duck down, to avoid looking grey, but if the bile cloth thicker or multi-layer bile cloth, basically do not have to consider this problem.

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Features & Specifications:

50% white duck down includes 50% white duck down and 50% feathers. It is competitive in price, but not so warm, the degree of warmth is similar to the cotton jacket.

1. Name: 50% White Duck Down
2. Advantages: High Filling Power, Light Weight, High Cleanliness, More Warm and soft
3. Content: 5%-95% Down
4. Filling power:450-750/16-26cm ( according to customers’ requirements)
5. Different Standards: IDFL,EN12935,USA, Japan etc.
6. Usage: Bedding, Garment, Filing

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