60% White Duck Down

60% white duck down

When it comes to thermal insulation and warmth, duck down must be mentioned. They are like a piece of armor against cold weather, but not  heavy at all, still soft, light and breathable. These qualities make duck down products a must-have in winter.

White duck down is currently the most common down filling material. 60% white duck down means that the content of duck down is 60% and the content of duck feather is 40%. It has higher support strength and good rebound than high down content duck down. Mainly used for filling down pillow, feather cushions, feather beds, etc.

AFC is one of the highest quality suppliers of down and feather filling materials in China. With over 10 years of experience in exporting products, we can provide you with our expert services to help you control the quality of your down products production.

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Features & Specifications:

60% white duck down is an 60-40 down feather ratio. Higher fill power quality white duck down brings more fluffy softness. Best raw material for down pillows, down comforters or feather cushion and more. Also perfect for DIY lovely down and feather doll.

1. Name: 60% White Duck Down
2. Advantages: Soft, Light, Warmth, Odorless, Environmentally Friendly and Non-allergenic
3. Down Content: 5%-95%Down
4. Fill Power:450FP – 850FP (according to customers’ requirements)
5. Quality Standards: EN Standards, USA Stanards, Chinese Standards, Australian Standards etc.
6. Package: Bale Packing, Pressed Packing (according to customer requirements)
7. Usage: Bedding, Garment, Filling.

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