70% white duck down

70% white duck down

Duck Down is naturally warm, moisture absorption and breathable. It is the world’s lightest warm material. Down feather products are the most valuable winter warmth items, it has been popular for a long time. Compare with 90% white duck down and 80% white duck down, 70% white duck down will be more competitive in price but not so warm like them.  Besides, the white duck down mentioned above, AFC can manufacture and supply different specification down feather from 5%-95%.

Duck down is a by-product of the duck food industry and it is closely related to the large-scale duck breeding industry. Due to its dietary habits, China has the world’s largest duck breeding population and is the world’s largest producer and importer/exporter of down. Based on its large scale farms in China, AFC offers a wide range of down and feather products according to customer needs.

Whenever you need down feather, AFC can help you to achieve your ideal business.

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Features & Specifications:

70% white duck down is a mixture of white 70% duck down and 30% duck feathers. It is mainly used to fill down clothing, down quilts, down pillows, down gloves and other down products.

1. Name: 70% White Duck Down
2. Advantages: Soft, Light, Warmth, Odorless, Environmentally Friendly and Non-allergenic
3. Transparency:600-1000 (according to customers’ requests )
4. Fill Power:450FP – 850FP (according to customers’ requirements)
5. Quality Standards: EN Standards, USA Stanards, Chinese Standards, Australian Standards etc.
6. Package: Bale Packing, Pressed Packing (according to customer requirements)
7. Usage: Bedding, Garment, Filling.

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