80% white duck down

80% white duck down

When we buy down feather products, we can get a better idea of the quality of down from the ratio of down and feathers. The ratio mentioned here is the proportion of down and feathers each. The higher the percentage of down, the better the quality.

80% white duck down comes from ducks and is never mixed with other feathers.AFC uses safe detergents in the processing of down feather products, following the principles of cleanliness and non-injury to down and feathers, to produce 100% natural down and feathers.

AFC has an independent laboratory and professional experimental staff. Strictly control product quality for customers to ensure that your down products meet international standards

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Features & Specifications:

80% white duck down is a mixture of white 80% duck down and 20% duck feathers. In addition, the warmth of the down has to be combined with the fluffiness of the down, you cannot simply say that 90% white duck down is of better quality than 80% white duck down.

1. Name: 80% White Duck Down
2. Advantages: Warm, Comfortable, Non Hazardous, Environmentally Friendly and Non-allergenic
3. Down Content: 5%-95%Down
4. Transparency:600-1000 (according to customers’ requests )
5. Fill Power:450FP – 850FP (according to customers’ requirements)
6. Quality Standards: USA 2000 Standard, Japanese Industrial Standard, EN Standard etc.
7. Package: 20 kg / loose bale, half compressed or compressed bale (according to customer requirements)

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