80% white goose down

80% white goose down

80% white goose down is enough for our general needs. Engaged in down feather processing for more than ten years, AFC company has advanced down washing and sorting technology, can produce the quality washed down and feather, its down is large, full of down, cleanliness and high fluffiness. We guarantee that the down is clean and odorless, and our down can reach more than 95% down content after fine separation, which has been certified by professional inspection agencies.

AFC  can manufacture and supply  various kinds of standards down feathers, such as national standard, Japanese standard, American standard, European standard, etc. We can also customize according to different requirements of customers.

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Features & Specifications:

80% white duck down is a mixture of 70% white goose down and 30% goose feathers.

1. Name: 80% White Goose Down
2. Advantages: Soft, Light, Warmth, hypoallergenic, odorless, High Filling Power
3. Down Content: 5%-95%Down
4. Transparency:600-1000 (according to customers’ requests )
5. Fill Power:450FP – 850FP (according to customers’ requirements)
6. Quality Standards: USA 2000 Standard, Japanese Industrial Standard, EN Standard etc.
7. Package: 20 kg / loose bale, half compressed or compressed bale (according to customer requirements)

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