90% Grey Duck Down

90% grey duck down is selected from Guangxi high quality grey ducks. The region has a diet of eating elder ducks, creating a growing time of up to 12-14 weeks for the ducks in the region. In addition, this kind of duck is large and resembles a goose, plus the long growth time, the down produced is of high quality. The duck down produced by Guangxi white ducks with a growth period of more than 3 months can reach fill power of 20cm, which is comparable to the better quality goose down.

Down is an environmentally friendly product. It is a by-product of the poultry industry and can be recycled and reused. Down contains at least 80% protein, which can be naturally degraded after being landfilled, and eventually form natural products in common forms such as carbon dioxide and water.

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Down has a high flammability point. Down is animal protein and does not burn at temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius, so down can successfully pass the flammability test; however, other materials, especially synthetic materials, require fire treatment to pass the same test.

Duck Down has strong resilience and high fill power. Chemical fiber, cotton, wool, silk and other thread-like fibers are poorly resistant to pressure, easy to knot, and the material degrades quickly; down, because it is three-dimensional spherical and rich in non-flowing air, never knots even after years of use, and can still remain fluffy for a long time. Generally, the service life of duck down quilt is 10-15 years, and goose down quilt can be as long as 20-30 years.

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Comparison of Label Standards for Down Products

STANDARD AustraliaAS 2479-2007 Canada2000 CHINA  GB/T 1193,1194,1195&1196(Bedding) CHINA  GB/T 14272-2011(APPAREL) CHINA  GB/T 17685-2016(NEW) EUROPE EN12934 JAPAN JDFABEDDING/APPAREL USA-2000
Analysis anddetection methods AS 4823.3 IDFB-3 GB/T-10288-2003.6.2 GB/T-14272Annex C.2 GB/T 10288-2016 EN-12131 JIS-1903 IDFB.3
Down feather(or 100%Down feather) NA 75 NA NA NA 95(91.48) NA NA
95%down feather/5%feather95% 95 71.25 95(90) 92(85.5) 92 NA 95 95
93%down feather/7%feather93% NA 69.8 NA NA NA NA 93 93
90%down feather/10%feather90% 90 67.5 90(85) 87(81.0) 87 85(80.95) 85 90
85%down feather/15%feather85% 85 63.75 85(80) 82(76.5) 82 NA 83 85
80%down feather/20%feather80% 80 60 80(75) 77(72.0) 77 75(71.43) 80 80
75%down feather/25%feather75% 75 56.25 75(70) 72(67.5) 72 NA NA 75

Features & Specifications:

Compare with white duck down, grey duck down will be more competitive in price, but grey duck down application

range is not so wide like white duck down.

1. Name: 90% Grey Duck Down
2. Advantages: High Filling Power, Light Weight, High Cleanliness, More Warm and soft
3. Content: 5%-95%Down
4. Filling power:450-750/16-26cm ( according to customers’ requirements)
5. Different Standards: IDFL,EN12935,USA, Japan etc.
6. Usage: Bedding, Garment, Filing

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