90% Grey Goose Down

90% grey goose down

Compared with duck down, goose down has a large pile, high hollowness, good fluffiness, excellent resilience, and better warmth. According to the authoritative test data of the China Down Industry Association, the down of goose down is generally larger than that of duck down, and the fluffiness is 50% higher than that of duck down, so the warmth performance is more outstanding.

The problem with duck down is twofold. One is that ducks like to eat bugs in the water, so duck down generally has a fishy smell (industry personnel called “duck fox stink”), in order to remove the odor, in the process of decontamination, degreasing, some processing plants even used deodorant, although the newly purchased down jacket does not smell out, but a few months after the return of the smell, at least a year later to naturally emit It will take at least a year before the smell is naturally dissipated. The goose is a herbivore, so the to ensure that the green environmental issues. The down jacket is made of white goose down, so you can’t smell anything.

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Features & Specifications:

Compare with white goose down, grey goose down can only used in dark color products.  Considering the warmth, it is the second one among all the down & feather

1. Name: 90% Grey Goose Down
2. Advantages: High Filling Power, Light Weight, High Cleanliness, More Warm and soft
3. Content: 5%-95%Down
4. Filling power: 450-750/16-26cm ( according to customers’ requirements)
5. Different Standards: IDFL,EN12935,USA, Japan etc.
6. Usage: Bedding, Garment, Filing

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