95% Grey Duck Down

95% grey duck down

Does your down jacket go flat after just a few wears?
Will your down comforter spill dust when it is beaten?
Does your down sleeping bag let in too much cold air at night?
Does your down pillow flatten out after a few sleeps?
Let AFC Down Feather help you solve these problems.
Natural 95% gray duck down, super soft, clean and hypoallergenic. It is very suitable for high-end down jackets, down comforters, down pillows and down sleeping bags, etc. It has the characteristics of moisture absorption and dehumidification, regardless of the weather, it is very soft and comfortable, fluffy and lightweight.

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Features & Specifications:

Many people think that the quality of pure white duck down is better than gray duck down, but this is not the case. 95% grey duck down and 95% white duck down have almost the same warmth retention capacity and antibacterial ability. As long as the process is proper, there is almost no difference.

1. Name: 95% Grey Duck Down
2. Advantages: Warm, Comfortable, Non Hazardous, Environmentally Friendly and Non-allergenic
3. Transparency: 600-1000 (according to customers’ requests )
4. Fill Power:450FP – 850FP (according to customers’ requirements)
5. Quality Standards: USA 2000 Standard, Japanese Industrial Standard, EN Standard etc.
6. Package: Loose bale, half compressed or compressed bale (according to customer requirements)

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