95% Grey Goose Down

95% grey goose down

Essentially white goose down and grey goose down are of the same quality, with only color differences. Under the same conditions, there is no difference in the performance indexes (warmth, down content, fill power, etc.) between white goose down and grey goose down. So, why is there a big price difference between them?

It turns out that white goose down has many colors and types of applicable fabrics because of its light color. In contrast, grey goose down is only suitable for dark fabrics, the application range is smaller, resulting in a small demand for grey goose down, so the price is relatively low compared to white goose down.

The warmth of down does not lie in the color, but mainly depends on the density of the internal structure of the down and the fineness of the down fibers, So there is no white goose down is a little better than grey goose down

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Features & Specifications:

95% grey goose down is the best quality down, mainly used in high-end down products, such as down jackets, down comforters, down pillows, down sleeping bags, etc. Due to its color limitation, it is suitable for dark fabrics.

1. Name: 95% Grey Goose Down
2. Advantages: Warm, Comfortable, Non Hazardous, Environmentally Friendly and Non-allergenic
3. Transparency: 600-1000 (according to customers’ requests )
4. Fill Power:450FP – 850FP (according to customers’ requirements)
5. Quality Standards: USA 2000 Standard, Japanese Industrial Standard, EN Standard etc.
6. Package: Loose bale, half compressed or compressed bale (according to customer requirements)

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