95% White Duck Down

China is the world’s largest producer, exporter and consumer of down and feather products, occupying 70%-80% of the world’s down market share. According to FAO, China accounts for 74.2% of the world’s ducks and 93.2% of the world’s geese, with an annual production of about 400,000 tons or more of down materials.

95% white duck down is selected from Guangxi high quality white ducks. The region has a diet of eating elder ducks, creating a growing time of up to 12-14 weeks for the ducks in the region. In addition, this kind of duck is large and resembles a goose, plus the long growth time, the down produced is of high quality. The duck down produced by Guangxi white ducks with a growth period of more than 3 months can reach fill power of 20cm, which is comparable to the better quality goose down.

white duck 2
95% white duck down

Down is sustainable. Due to a long-term demand for goose and duck meat, and down is the most comfortable and warm natural warming material, there is a stable market demand for down products, so the production of down feathers will be permanently sustainable.

Duck down has good moisture absorption and dehumidification functions. Duck down has excellent moisture resistance, and its three-dimensional spherical structure determines its large surface area. At the same time, the duck down ball-shaped fibers are densely covered with thousands of breathing pores, which have a moisture absorption effect. In addition, the down itself contains a certain amount of grease, so it will quickly dissipate after absorbing moisture, which has a natural and dry effect.

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Features & Specifications:

As a down & feather manufacturer and supplier, our 95% white duck down is factory outlet, we have

Advantages both in price as well as in quality control and delivery.

1. Name: 95% White Duck Down
2. Advantages: High Filling Power, Light Weight, High Cleanliness, More Warm and soft
3. Transparency:600-1000( according to customers’ requests )
4. Filling power:450-750/16-26cm ( according to customers’ requirements)
5. Different Standards: IDFL,EN12935,USA etc.
6. Usage: Bedding, Garment, Filing

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